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Andrea Logan - Tap, Hip Hop, Jazz

Andrea Logan began training and performing nationally as a child and upon graduation was chosen as a Hoctor’s Dance “Caravan Kid” for their national tour.  After the convention circuit, she landed a musical theater tap lead in Sugar Babies & Cabaret in Cleveland, OH. Following that year, she toured with Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus as one of their production dancers and elephant riders for three years.  

Andrea then went west to Las Vegas, NV where she continued pursuing a commercial dance and fitness career: performing at Caesars Palace, working in music videos, as a movie extra, fitness trainer and a magician's assistant. One of the highlights of Andrea’s work in Vegas included her ability to train weekly with the infamous hip hop choreographers Nappytabs

Andrea’s teaching combines old school hip hop, with new street techniques. According to Andrea, “Dance is an expression of myself and an amazing form of communication that can break through color lines, language barriers, national and cultural divides. But, what I love most about it is the freedom it brings at its most liberating state.”