photo by Zaire Kacz

photo by Zaire Kacz


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Has the dance bug hit your kid?  If so, it might be time to let them immerse themselves in dance for a week or two.  Each week has a theme that the students use to create their own show, through building sets, costumes and being a part of the choreographic process.  Participants will be introduced to ballet, contemporary and tap.  Dance is an excellent form of exercise, and a scientifically proven way to improve learning and concentration skills.  

Choose 1 or both of the following weeks:  

LITERARY CHARACTERS (June 17- June 21)  Instructors will help the students choose several characters from their favorite books. They will discuss these characters’ motivations and how the actions in the story change them as people. A good opportunity for some summer reading!

HEROES & HEROINES (July 22-26)  This fun camp will be guided by the students' ideas on what it means to be a hero.  Super heroes will certainly be a part of the process and inspiration, but real life heroes will be honored as well.

  • Days last from 9am-1pm.

  • Participants take ballet, tap and contemporary classes

  • Students will explore their theme to design and produce their own show

  • Lunch time will include watching videos that relate to that week's theme

  • Each week will end with a short performance for the parents from 12-1pm on Friday

  • Our highly professional faculty will start your child off with a strong technique, a sense of what it means to be fully present in a classroom and most of all... the love of dance!