Dress Code

Terpsicorps is proud of our policy that we do not charge a fee for costumes for our showings.  Instead, we ask that each class owns the same attire so that we can use that as a base for costumes.  Please look for your class below.  We suggest visiting the Sock Basket, where they have our list of needs and can help you get the perfect fit.  There are links to examples of each item at Discount Dance online.  If you choose to purchase online, use this code 105203 for a discount when purchasing items you know fit.  Please take dress code seriously, as it is helpful for both the student to move well and safely, and for our faculty in order for to adequately see the line of the body.

No Jewelry in Class - No bracelets, anklets, watches, or large rings. Small, light weight earrings are acceptable.

Hair for girls

  • This is our school wide policy. Your teacher may allow something else for their class (jazz, contemporary, hip-hop, tap), which is fine. Otherwise, hair must be up away from face, very neat. Low bun, high bun, french twist and other hair dos with no movement are acceptable. No hanging braids, pony tails or pig tails. No loose or fly away hairs. Flat clips and hair spray help with this. Hair nets are required for all buns. Use A LOT of bobby pins so that your hair is secure for turns.

Creative Movement

Pre Ballet / Tap 1 and 2

Ballet 1&2  and Petite Muses Ballet 1&2

Petite Muses Ballet 3

Contemporary 1&2

Contemporary 3

Tap 1&2

Preteen/teen Ballet

Introduction to Dance for Teens and Preteens

Intermediate and Advanced Tap

Hip Hop

  • Girls & Boys - black fitted tank top, Black loose fitting sweat pants, black sneakers (no black soles)

Intermediate and Advanced Ballet, Pointe and Partnering

Intermediate and Advanced Contemporary & Modern Classes

  • Girls - black camisole leotard, bra that matches the line of the leotard if needed... no sports bras, black convertible tights, a tight fitting long sleeved shirt for floor work, black cotton socks. Foot paws for contemporary only

  • Boys - white Fitted dance t-shirt, black tights, a tight fitting long sleeved shirt for floor work, black cotton socks. Foot paws for contemporary only

Pilates, Conditioning & Yoga

  • In order to get the most out of your PILATES and yoga classes, you will need a good extra think mat. We highly suggest purchasing this mat, which is a great deal on Amazon. We have some blankets, straps and blocks, but having your own for use at home is suggested, and bringing them could prove helpful in case there aren't enough to go around.

Muses - For formal performances, the following may be needed depending on choreography