Maureen established Asheville Pilates in 2001, having moved to the United States from her native South Africa five years earlier.  In South Africa, she served as an actors' agent and personal manager for several years.  She also assisted the country's top consultant to professional and training dancers in body conditioning techniques.

Upon moving to the US, Maureen received Pilates certification through Core Dynamics Pilates in Santa Fe, NM, and she's also a certified GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS®instructor. She has extended her training to include some of the specialized equipment in GYROTONIC® movement, as well as the therapeutic applications for scoliosis, shoulder and pelvic girdle dysfunctions.  She has been a reflexology practitioner since 1989.

Maureen is passionate about assisting young dancers in their awareness of body alignment, and in the development of balanced and integrated muscular strength.