Terpsicorps is blessed with an amazing space that is not just a studio, but an informal performance venue as well.  This creates an amazing opportunity for our students to learn how to perform at an early age, with no additional expense or hassle for us or our families.

Twice a year, we will have a series of free showings on a Saturday afternoon. Breaking the showings up according to age groups will keep them short and fun, as well as not overcrowding our small audience space.  The Muses will do one piece on each showing to inspire the younger students and add a little extra entertainment for the families.  The Muses of Terpsicorps and the Petite Muses have the additional performance opportunity of an annual May performance at the Diana Wortham Theatre.

We think that the cost of recital costumes can be overwhelming for parents.  We use the class dress code as the base for costumes and add things like simple skirts or accessories so that the kids still feel special without draining your wallet. 

It is our goal to give your child numerous opportunities to perform without all of the unexpected and often unexplainable fees that arise.  The price you are quoted at the beginning of the year is all you will pay.  When we make occasional trips to festivals, those will be optional and priced according to the individual event.

We believe that what is most important is good training and opportunities for every individual to shine, not to be lost in the chaos of a big, splashy show.  We think you will appreciate the difference!

photos by Tanja Mamas

photos by Tanja Mamas