Tuition payments are now due on the 1st of every month.  You can choose to have this auto-drafted from your bank or credit card account, or come in every month to pay.  We offer a 1 week grace period to get your payment in to the office.  After that, a nominal 5% late fee will be added to your balance.  Please feel free to come talk with us if you are having an issue making your payment.  We will do our best to accommodate difficult situations.

Your tuition cost is calculated for 4 weeks of classes.  Some months may have more or less days of classes, and so your monthly cost will therefore fluctuate.  You will pay the exact same amount for every class taken.

New Bi-Annual Payment Option - Those who choose to pay for the entire school year in two payments, due August 11, 2017, and December 22, 2017, will receive a 5% discount for the year.  This option is available in person or over the phone only.  Please note that there are no refunds for Bi-Annual or Annual payments once classes begin.  


Make Up Classes & Refunds

We fully understand that kids get sick and that family comes first.  Because of that, we are more than happy to let you make up any missed class in the same level class that happens at another time or on another day.  We do ask that you call first to make certain that there is space available and that you complete make up classes within a month's time.  We do not refund for missed classes.

Refunds for camps, intensives and other workshops require a 3 week notice of cancellation. 

Refunds for events, such as Parent's Night Out, require a 24hr notice of cancellation. 

Refunds for a month of regular monthly tuition require a 1 week notice of cancellation. 

No Refunds for Dismissal:
All students are expected to conduct themselves in a safe, courteous and responsible manner. The use of illegal drugs or alcohol is strictly forbidden and is grounds for immediate dismissal. The Academy at Terpsicorps reserves the right to suspend or dismiss any student whose conduct, attitude, or attendance is found to be unsatisfactory. If a student is dismissed for reasons of unacceptable conduct, there is NO REFUND on tuition.

Weather Policy

Snow happens!  When it does, please call into the studio.  828-761-1277.  We do not necessarily fall in line with the Asheville City School cancellations.  As soon as we have made our decision on cancellations for that day, we will leave a message on the studio phone greeting, on facebook, and send out an email with suggested make up options.  We always do our best to come up with make up times that reasonably fall within your normal schedule, but occasionally for older students, we may need to come in on a weekend.


Our curriculum for all of our classes has our students progressing as the year goes by. Like any other class, it is detrimental for the student to miss a lot of classes.  It is also difficult for the teacher and other students if we are getting close to a performance and are missing a student.  To get the most out of your financial investment, and to see the most progress in your young dancer, we suggest that you keep missed class to a minimum.  

For our pre-professional Muses students, this is particularly important.  Our program is designed with yoga and conditioning classes in order to keep our students injury free and help them become the strongest and most technically proficient dancers they can be.  If you are having trouble meeting your class schedule requirements, please come talk with us about how we can work together to make certain that the student is not missing out things that are going to make a difference in their training.  Muses students who miss a significant amount of rehearsals may be taken out of a piece.  This is out of respect for the dancers who are there regularly.

Like anything worth doing in life, dance takes devotion and a certain amount of sacrifice.  What you gain in return is invaluable, and a significant life lesson in time management, follow through and commitment.