photo by Zaire Kacz

photo by Zaire Kacz


Today's dance world is more competitive than ever before.  Dancers hoping to attend college dance programs or join professional companies are expected to not just have perfect classical ballet technique, but to also have the ability to move in any style thrown their way. Our faculty has the knowledge and connections to fine tune your natural talents into the best and most marketable artist you can be.  

Students ages 9 and up who live to dance and are interested in a rigorous training schedule are placed in one of three division levels according to their strength and experience.

For those wanting an unforgettable performance experience, we offer the Muses of Terpsicorps, a pre-professional dance company. Muses perform mixed repertoire shows that give every student a chance to shine in a diverse array of dance styles and techniques.  Nationally acclaimed professional choreographer Heather Maloy is the director of the program, creating and choosing works within each level's abilities and pushing them to become well rounded artists.

We are open to students only taking as much of our programs as they have the ability to commit.  Please call or email us to schedule a trial class so that we can find the perfect fit for you.  We happily welcome students from any school who are looking for extra classes.