photo by Zaire Kacz

photo by Zaire Kacz


$150 per week / $800 for all 6 weeks

$175 per week if registered AFTER MAY 1

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This summer, Terpsicorps wants to give your preschooler a unique opportunity to learn through dance. As a parent, you want to make sure that your little one is both having fun and broadening their understanding of the world.  With this in mind, we have devised six weeks of exciting themed camps! Children will learn about each theme through dance, music, crafts, story time and more. We like to use a student's creativity and imagination to teach them about the world around them through both structured activities and short spurts of monitored but unstructured play.

  • Days last from 9am-1pm.  
  • Each week will end with a short performance for the parents from 12:30-1pm on Friday.
  • The first two weeks of classes will include a daily visit into the Terpsicorps rehearsal studio to watch the professionals at work.

PUPPIES, KITTENS & OTHER BABY ANIMALS (JUNE 5-9Week one will feature a new camp theme with creative and fun ways to learn about the life cycle, focusing on the part young children love most, babies.  

BUGS, BIRDS, BUTTERFLIES... AND FAIRIES!  (JUNE 12-16) A week of activities centered around things that fly.  Who can fly, how do they do it and why?  

UNDERWATER EXPLORERS (JUNE 19-JUNE 23) Spend a whole week learning about the other part of our world, the one under the sea. Become a fish and then learn how we as people need to take care to ensure that oceans can still support life for generations to come.

DINO DANCE CAMP (JUNE 26-30) Have a blast learning about pre-historic creatures. A great way to begin understanding the passage of time, as well as the circle of life.

DANCE AROUND THE WORLD (JULY 10-14) Our 5th week will explore 5 different cultures through dance, music, song and stories.  One of our most popular camps!

DANCE TO THE STARS (JULY 17-21) All of us fantasize about what we see above us in the night sky.  This new camp theme will talk about the planets, stars and our place in the universe.  Dance is a great way to gain a basic understanding of gravity, rotation and the distance between objects.

photo by Zaire Kacz

photo by Zaire Kacz