Šara Stranovsky


Šara Stranovsky, aka “Dr. S,” is a dancer, musician, and interdisciplinary artist. She holds an MA and PhD in Dance and Performance Studies from UCLA's World Arts and Cultures/Dance department and currently works as a performer and educator.

Šara started her dance training with the New Jersey School of Ballet with summers at the Joffrey Ballet school and would sometimes play “hookie” to take other dance styles at STEPS and Broadway Dance Center in NYC. While simultaneously training as a gymnast, singer, and ski racer, Šara soon began to fall in love with additional dance traditions that allowed her to flip upside down, stomp her feet, fly in the air, sing, and play with polyrhythm.

At Middlebury College, Šara majored in Dance where she went on to tour in Cuba and studied abroad in France. When living in Paris and Dakar she learned flamenco and sabar dance and sang in a Senegalese hip hop group called Baat Sen Funé. Back in the USA, Šara trained with vertical dance pioneers Project Bandaloop in California and Frequent Flyers aerial theater in Colorado, adding aerial dance to her journey. Šara was inspired by her collaborations and went to graduate school at UCLA to write about how dance can help people cross cultural borders, heal, and create social change. Her graduate work was based in Brazil and the Cape Verdean Islands.

In addition to learning dance in social spaces, Šara's has performed on stages with the Raiz di Polon Dance company (Cape Verde West Africa), Swing Brazil (LA), Arsenal Movement Project (NYC), Catch Me Bird Aerial Dance Theater (LA), Only Child Aerial Theater Company (NYC), Miss’ile Rollerdance Company, and the off-Broadway show, Fuerza Bruta Wayra (NYC). Šara has also performed extensively as a singer and musical theater performer on various stages, including The Park Avenue Armory (NYC), and in Anais Mitchel’s tony-award winning Hadestown.

Along her artistic journeys, Šara fell in love with teaching kids. She has taught for arts institutions and nonprofits such as Lincoln Center Education, the Park Avenue Armory, Urban Arts Partnership, and Brooklyn Academy of Music. She also teaches French sing-along classes for 1-5 year olds as well as zumba and pilates to adults.

Global Grooves is a new class that stems from Šara’s background learning different dance forms. She can’t wait to inspire kids to learn about other parts of the world through the lens of dance!

Šara Stranovsky