Adam DeVito


Adam was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts. He studied environmental science and pre-med at the College of the Holy Cross, but decided to take a break from academia before committing to 5 more years of school. This gap year propelled him into the world of yoga, bodywork, and massage therapy.

He first got interested in massage out of necessity. A bike accident separated the acromioclavicular joint in his shoulder and left him in chronic pain at twenty-four years old. After working his way through the medical system with little improvement, he happened to meet an orthopedic massage therapist. After one session he had both increased range of motion and decreased pain. He was hooked and was enrolled in massage therapy school 6 months later!

Currently, Adam runs his own private massage practice called Sama Therapeutics just south of downtown Asheville. His practice focuses on the rehabilitative aspects of massage. His main goal is to improve his clients quality of life by increasing their range of motion and decreasing their pain.

Before starting his career in massage therapy, Adam spent 2 years managing and teaching at a large yoga studio in Boston. He now has the opportunity to take that experience and combine it with running his own business. He hopes to have the back-end operations running as smoothly as possible so the faculty and students can do what they do best: DANCE!

Adam DeVito