Heather Maloy

Founder & Faculty

Heather Maloy is the founder, resident choreographer and artistic director of Terpsicorps Theatre of Dance. Heather has taught both professionals and students at NC Dance Theatre (now Charlotte Ballet), Nashville Ballet, Chautauqua Ballet, UNC School of the Arts, Ballet Nouveau Colorado and Terpsicorps Theatre of Dance. She has an equal love for working with professionals and students, and outside of her passion for her family, lives to create ballets and coach dancers to become better artists than they ever dreamed possible. She has taught at many studios in the Asheville area since moving here to start Terpsicorps in 2003, and treasures the relationships she forms with her students.

Heather received her training at the North Carolina School of the Arts (NCSA). She began her professional career when she joined the North Carolina Dance Theatre (NCDT) at the age of 17, making her at that time the youngest dancer to be hired as a full company member in NCDT’s history. Heather stayed for thirteen years, dancing principal and soloist roles.

Mentored by NCDT artistic director, Salvatore Aiello, she choreographed her first professional work when she was only nineteen. After Aiello's death, his successor, Jean-Pierre Bonnefoux, commissioned her to create five more pieces for NCDT. She has created over 20 works for Terpsicorps including three full evening length ballets. Many of these included collaboration with musicians, composers, artists and projectionists.

Heather has also created two premieres for the Chautauqua Ballet, three ballets for the Nashville Ballet and one work each for the Wake Forest and Jacksonville College Dance Departments. She has participated in Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet’s Choreoplan 2002, the Ballet Nouveau Colorado 21st Century Choreography Competition in 2008 and the 2011 National Choreographer’s Initiative. She has also had the honor to return to UNCSA to create a new work for the Spring Dance program in 2008 and to stage her work “Le Suil Go…” for their 2007 alumni performance in Manteo, NC.

Heather believes that dance training should be both a positive esteem building experience and a chance to learn self-discipline and respect for others. In her 13 years of teaching at various studios in the Asheville area and running the Muses of Terpsicorps, she has helped more than a dozen students fulfill their dream of becoming year round students at UNC School of the Arts' world renowned high school dance program, as well as joining the dance departments,(some on substantial scholarship) at Florida State, Boston Conservatory, the Ailey School at Fordham University and the Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet. Students she has worked with are now dancing professionally with Terpsicorps Theatre of Dance, Ballett of National Theatre Mannheim, cocodaco dance project & Lucky Plush Productions in Chicago, Carolina Ballet, Missouri Contemporary Ballet, T. Lang Dance and Staib Dance. They have also appeared on stage at Pacific Northwest Ballet, Miami City Ballet, Charlotte Ballet, Richmond Ballet, Basel Ballet in Switzerland, Elephant in the Black Box in Madrid, Spain, Pittsburgh Ballet and Lydia Johnson Dance Company in NY. Maloy's connections in the professional dance world help give the students a realistic perspective of what they will need to succeed and the tools with which to get there.

Heather Maloy