MWilhoit head shot.jpg

Zax Milkereit - B-Boy

Zax first started breaking in Durham, North Carolina, where he was born and raised. He took his first breakdance class at 8 years old, and after taking a break for a few years, he began again at age 12, this time more disciplined and eager to learn. It wasn't until he was 15 that he actually started to listen to the music and dance on beat. Around this time he started getting involved with the local community, attending battles and jams. Zax danced all through high school, competing and performing with the Swagga Muffins, a crew of young dancers from the 9th Street Dance studio. After graduating, he began to travel the world, connecting to people across language barriers by using breakdance. He has danced and battled in Central America, Europe, and Asia.

Presently, Zax is a senior at UNC Asheville where he pursues a degree in environmental studies. He continues to breakdance as an outlet for physical creativity and personal expression, as well as practicing parkour, rock climbing, and white water kayaking.